The fallout from last month continues

One of the two announcers involved in a hot mic moment in which female athletes were body-shamed, has withdrawn from the Presque Isle High School Athletics Hall of Fame.

Jim Carter was fired last month from WHOU after he and his broadcast partner were heard over the air discussing the appearance of some local athletes. Carter was a member of the selection committee for the Presque Isle Athletics Hall of Fame and was an inductee to the hall.

The second of two resignations

The announcement comes just two weeks after Carter’s broadcast partner Steve Shaw withdrew his name from the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame. Shaw was inducted as a member of the 2020 MBOH as a Legend of the Game. He made the decision to withdraw his name after mounting pressures from the public to the Hall and sponsors.

Decades of work are now gone

Jim Carter was a driving force in the conception of the Presque Isle HOF which inducted its first class in 2011. The following year Carter was inducted for his decades of involvement in Aroostook County high school athletics across a variety of sports. 

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Carter resigns from Role on Hall committee

Presque Isle Athletic Director Mark White, who is also the co-coordinator of the HOF, said that he and Jim Carter had conversations about Carter’s association with the HOF. The best interest for all parties involved was for Carter to withdraw as a member of the Presque Isle HOF, and to step down as a member of the selection committee. The Presque Isle Hall of Fame inducted five new members recently as part of their class of 2021.

Will this be the end of the story? 

I hope that this news can put an end to the situation and that all parties can move on. The story has been lingering and this announcement can put an end to a terrible situation. The initial incident became a national story, even making it to some of the major news outlets.

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