Buried treasure conjures up images of instant wealth. Right now, there's a $2,000,000 chest hidden in the U.S. by a millionaire - and he's giving clues where to find it. Also, The County and NB have rumors of stashed loot.

Five years ago,  Forrest Fenn buried his treasure of gold coins - and has been giving clues that it's somewhere in the United States. He says he did it to get people and kids active and off their "texting machines."

Here's Fenn talking about his treasure and getting people more active.

The video below features some treasure hunters trying to find Fenn;s gold - and they talk about the clues.

In the County, there are rumors of buried treasures. There's supposed to be money near the Allagash River and diamonds around Carpenter Ridge. To dig deeper, there are books and memoirs about booty in Maine.

And, of course, there's the legend of Captain Kidd in New Brunswick that keeps people digging holes and searching for clues to find his loot. The stories claim hidden treasures all over NB.

If it's picking up on Fenn's quest or looking in the County for fortune, keep the adventure high and stay off the "texting machines."