The Caribou Police Department and the city of Caribou are looking for feedback from the community on some necessary changes to the police station. They have put together a slide presentation to show the current conditions and options for upgrades. The slides are captioned: Police Station Study, July Open House, 2021.

You need to view the slides on the city of Caribou’s homepage so you can enlarge them. Click on the image. We would share the slides here, but they are too small to read easily. You can also watch a quick video of the presentation. We describe the slides here to give you a preview of the images.

The slide titled “Station History” shows the Caribou Police station over the years. There’s a photo from around 1940 and another from 1952 with one more from 1972. Also, there are some current photos from the exterior and interior.

There are certain state mandates and national standards by which a police station needs to operate, according to the slides presented. The graph breaks it down to station elements, standard and best practices and the current station status at CPD. On the same slide, CPD shows some photos of upgrades that are necessary. Also included is a graph showing some additional requirements in the station.

Another slide shows the options for the police station, EMS, emergency operations and/or new government campus. These are easy to understand renderings. The first option shows a stand alone station; the second option is the station combined with fire and EMS; number three is the police station combined with fire, EMS and emergency operations. One more option shows the potential for a new government campus. The acreage for each is also listed.

The next slide shows a timeline. It’s titled: Where is the city in the process? Take a look at the details year by year starting in 2014 through 2021. There are also pictures of possible existing buildings being evaluated for a new and/or expanded police station.

Further slides show the potential interior designs of a new station. The slide says once a site is decided upon, the concept can move to preliminary design. 

There are three slides that detail the concept and design based on certain locations. There are design ideas for a Birdseye site, one for Water Street, another one for Washburn Street and Sweden Street.

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Caribou Police and the city are asking for your input and encourage you to take the location survey to help determine the decision of a site. The next steps involve the public’s input, a preliminary design after a site selection, cost and funding considerations and voter approval.

You can tour the Caribou Police station. Call 493 - 4208 to set up a time.

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