I have a hunch that there are many fans of the Boston Red Sox who are off from work and using this week to recharge and get ready for 2022. I don't blame you. We all need a break right now and let our minds and bodies refuel. With a lot of time off, comes moments of boredom.

It's a good day to play do you remember when....

Boston Red Sox fans who find themselves bored can tune into MLB Network today and get a good dose of nostalgia. The network will be airing games from the 2004 Red Sox vs. Yankees ALCS. Don't you recall the fall of 04’when Manny, Big Papi, Pedro, Schilling's sock, and many more helped pull off the series victory?

I forgot about that guy! 

Talk to any true fan of the Red Sox during the 2004 run and you'll come up with a new moment and hero each time you recall the 2004 playoff run that ended the 86-year curse. MLB Network will be airing Games 4, 5, and 7 throughout the day and evening. Game 4 started the comeback from down 0-3, and launched Big Papi into October legendary status. As the blast from Ortiz reached the bullpen and bleacher area of right field, Joe Buck infamously says "We'll see you back here later tonight.”

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These games were marathon classics that were nail biting from start to finish. Game 5 ended with Johnny Damon dashing home after a Big Papi swat into the centerfield grass. In game 7, we all know what happened in game 7. The Red Sox pummeled the Yankees from the opening right through the final out, and fans everywhere were in shock.  

If you are bored and looking for some nostalgia and to take a ride on an emotional roller coaster, then turn on MLB Network.

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