The youth is the hope of our future

A simple gesture by some local high school girls at a restaurant did not go unnoticed, and I think it needs to be shared with many more people. All too often I hear discussions among older generations that they are worried about the future and that today's kids "don't get it.” That may be the case in some parts of the world, but not in northern Maine.

We all have to eat at some point 

Now that schools are back in session the high school sports season has also begun which means bus trips and restaurant stops in many of the towns across Maine. As teams make their way back home from afternoon and evening games, they usually make a stop to eat. Many of us have been in a restaurant before and suddenly hear someone from behind the counter say “we've got a bus pulling in, everyone to their stations.” If you aren't already in the restaurant at that point you debate whether you should continue with your plan or adjust on the fly.  

This will give you good feelings

On Tuesday the Wisdom/Van Buren varsity girls’ soccer team traveled to Danforth to take on East Grand. Wisdom would go on to win the game, but they made an impression on a local family with their kind gesture at the postgame meal. One local woman made sure to share with the community how thoughtful and kind this group of young ladies were to her.

The team stopped at the Houlton Subway location for their dinner. They noticed a customer behind them and the girls agreed to let her jump to the front of the line. Unbeknownst to them, the woman had a diabetic in the car who was going to need food sooner than later. Amazing gesture, ladies. This is leadership. This is "community”. This is why living in Maine is worth the long and cold winters. We have people that are thoughtful and they have passed that on to future generations.

We look up to you, girls 

Wisdom/Van Buren girls, you are the example we should be following. Thank you for setting that example and keeping a high standard of treating others with respect and kindness. I hope that one day our fast growing 9-year-old will be as thoughtful as you are. I'm happy that Carla made sure to pass along the moment from earlier in the week. We need more people pointing out when the youth do something positive.

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