Someone around here found an old DVD in their desk this week labeled "Pats 2002". So naturally, our interest was piqued. When we popped it in our old DVD machine, we found some never-before-seen footage of Portland's New England Patriots Super Bowl Parade and Rally from April of 2002. This was the birth of the Patriots' Dynasty. We had no idea that this team would go on to win SIX Super Bowls!

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On April 10, Portland basically closed down for the day to throw one of the biggest celebrations in the City's history. Robert Kraft brought his first Lombardi trophy to Portland, and brought along some superstar players, too. Lawyer Milloy, Bobby Hamilton, and Adam Vinatieri all rode on Portland Fire Department firetrucks up Congress Street. Finally, the parade ended, and the rally began on Monument Square, with the stage set up at One City Center.  Fans started showing up at 6 am, and by the time the rally started in the afternoon, the place was packed.


Then-Governor Angus King welcomed Kraft and the team members, saying that for that day, the State of Maine was changing its name to the "State of Vinatieri." This was in honor of  Adam Vinatieri, who kicked the 48-yard Super Bowl-winning field goal, securing the Pats' victory over the Rams, 20-17.

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Check out the video below. Were you in the crowd that day?

The Patriots came back to Portland for two more parades and rallies with their next two Super Bowl wins. The last parade featured "Patriots and Patriots", as troops coming home from Iraq got to sit on the firetrucks with Patriots players. Check out this amazing picture of three Lombardi Trophies with troops from Maine in the front row. Classic!

"We Are All Patriots!"

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