Two Arrested and Weapons Seized after Traffic Stop

Two people were arrested and weapons were seized after a traffic stop in Fredericton, New Brunswick on September 1, 2022.

Both People Arrested are from Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Fredericton Police Force’s Street and Drug Crime unit arrested 28 year old Matthew LeBlanc and 39 year old Gina Carr on the Northside of the city when the weapons were discovered. Both LeBlanc and Carr are from Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Leblanc and Carr face multiple charges as a result of the investigation. 

Fredericton Police Force
Fredericton Police Force

Charges Against LeBlanc

Leblanc is charged with Careless storage of firearm, s.86(3)(a)(i) CC;  Unauthorized possession of a firearm, s.91(3)(a) CC;  Unauthorized possession in motor vehicle, s.94(2)(a) CC; Possession of identity documents, 56.1(4)(a) CC; Unlawful possession of a credit card, 342 (1)(c)(i).

Charges Against Carr

The charges against Carr include: Careless storage of firearm, s.86(3)(a)(i) CC; Unauthorized possession of a firearm, s.91(3)(a) CC; Unauthorized possession in motor vehicle, s.94(2)(a) CC.

Court Dates and Conditions of Release

LeBlanc and Carr both made appearances in court on September 2, 2022. They have been released with conditions. Their next court date is scheduled for late September.

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News Updates

This Fredericton New Brunswick news story will be updated as information is made available and released to the public. Look for additional details on the homepage, on the app and social media.

File # 2022-20467

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