Ignite PI Townsquare Exclusive

There is much to be excited about with the developments in downtown Presque Isle and Ignite PI. I recently got to visit Ignite PI Director of Community Innovation Clint Deschene to find out the latest developments and updates on the nonprofit organization's plans.

Ignite PI, The Northeastland, and Rodney's at 436 Main. How does it all work?

The first order of business was clearing up for myself and others, how Ignite PI, The Northeastland Hotel, and Rodney's at 436 Main restaurant is tied together. Deschene put it simple, “Ignite PI owns the Northeastland and Rodney's at 436 Main.” Ignite PI is the parent organization, and the Northeastland and Rodney's at 436 Main are brands of the organization. The hotel is currently open for business and rooms have been filled by visitors from out of town, and conference rooms are available for rent.


Rodney's at 436 Main is still under construction and menu specifics are still being worked out. The organization hired Robert Ottaviano as Food and Beverage Manager and to lead the restaurant in it's conception and development. "Rob has been a great asset to the Ignite PI team and he has been working hard to ensure Rodney's at 436 Main will be another great addition to the community”, said Deschene. While no specifics were given, Deschene told us the menu will “appeal to all of Aroostook County.” The restaurant is expected to have a seating capacity of around 70 people. There is not yet an official opening date, but it does appear that sometime in summer 2022 there will be a new option in town for dining.

You can host your wedding, event, or conference in one of the ballrooms at Ignite PI
You can host your wedding, event, or conference in one of the ballrooms at Ignite PI

The Innovation Center and Entrepreneur Growth

A goal of Ignite PI is to be a catalyst to expanding entrepreneurship in Aroostook County. The co-working space will be the Innovation Center, which was Ignites inaugural project when they established in the Fall of 2020. The Innovation Center of Ignite PI will be located on the first floor, where the lobby is currently being renovated. This will offer private meeting rooms and shared office spaces with high-speed internet.

There are current events you can attend at Ignite PI

Despite a lot of work currently being done inside and outside of the building, there are several activities being offered to the public. Cornhole tournaments are being held each Thursday night at 5:00 p.m. and the minimal $15 entry fee includes a buffet put on by Rob Ottaviano. A Valentine's Buffet is being offered on February 12, and on February 13 you can watch the Super Bowl on (2) 86-inch televisions and enjoy a buffet for just $25.

Recent winners of Cornhole Night at Ignite PI. Cornhole Night is held each Thursday at 5 p.m.
Recent winners of Cornhole Night at Ignite PI. Cornhole Night is held each Thursday at 5 p.m.

What's the best way to know the latest on Ignite PI?

I asked Deschene how can people learn more about Ignite PI and he simply said “Come in and see us. Come to Cornhole Thursdays or any of our other events currently scheduled and in the works.” You can learn more about Ignite PI by going to this website, and be sure to follow the Ignite Presque Isle Facebook page

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