Three Vehicles on Fire on Top of Mount Washington

Good thing no one was hurt after three vehicles caught on fire on the top of Mount Washington on Sunday morning, July 24.

Gorham, New Hampshire Fire Crews and EMS Responded

A big shout-out to the Gorham NH Fire & EMS for their professional response to put out the fires and make sure everything was safe and secure.

Firefighters Get to the Summit on the Auto Road

According to their Facebook post, the fire crews made it to the summit in about 30 minutes. The post said, “While this may seem like an extended wait time, the trip up the Auto Road needs to be done safely in these larger vehicles.”

The Auto Road also had a lot of people on it early in the day on Sunday. The route was open for a sunrise drive, and vehicles were out to take advantage of the views.

Fires Destroyed All Three Vehicles

Firefighters from Engine 3 and Engine 4 fought the blaze. They said the winds on Mt. Washington “created a wind driven fire  that ultimately destroyed all 3 vehicles.” Over 1000 gallons of water was used to put out the fire. Cews also had to extinguish a gas tank that had fuel burning it.

Cause of Fire not Determined due to Extensive Damage

Officials said the fires are not considered suspicious. The extensive damage to the vehicles made it difficult to determine what caused the fire.

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Additional Info

Go to the Gorham NH Fire & EMS Facebook page for updated posts.

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