It certainly feels like winter in New England recently. After a pretty warm start to January- a top 10 warmest-ever January in fact-we are back in the bitter cold, with (finally) some snow in the forecast. Now, we all live here in New England because we think of winter as a great adventure, right? Well, if you really want a winter adventure, then venture up 6288 feet to the top of Mt. Washington where you will find the "worst weather on Earth." Check out the video posted this week from the great folks up at the Mt Washington Observatory.
"Weather Observer Nicole Tallman heading outside to take a weather observation during today's high wind event! In this video conditions were -11 degrees with winds sustained at 115 mph gusting to 132 mph!
So far (as of 7AM EST) our peak gust is 157 mph!"



Charlie Lopresti sees a little bit of winter weather coming in the next couple of days. We are also keeping our eyes on early next week. if it really snows the groundhog may not be able to even get out of his hole to see his shadow!


If you really want to geek out on the weather on the top of Mt Washington, you can get real-time data on wind-speed, temperature and more, right here.

Here's one of our favorites from the top of the world. Here's what's 110 mph looks like!


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