If you thought we were beyond the days of shortages at the super market, you're mistaken. Sadly, combining the increase in grocery sales, which are up 15% this month alone, over the past two years. Plus, add to that the continuing of production shut downs and delays, and you have recipe for more pain at the store.

According to the trending data from eatthis.com, here are several foods that are harder to find right now, and if you do find them, you will pay more for them.

Grocery Items In Short Supply


Pet Food
The cost of pet food this year has jumped from 10%-20% in some stores and many places are having a difficult time keeping canned cat foods, kibble, and even treats in stock.
Well, I hope you bought an extra one when they were on sale last year because things are not looking good for this year especially if you like to buy smaller turkeys. Many restaurants that cook whole birds have also been feeling the pinch as well. Factories have closed due to Covid-19, difficult to find workers has added to the problem, and turkey feed has risen drastically over the past several months.


At the beginning of the year there were rumbles of a chicken shortage, and now it is being felt. Many restaurants simply can not get the supply they need, and retailers are struggling to find new supplies that can help ease some of the burden.
Canned Items
The effects of an aluminum can shortage are still being felt at stores today with most stores only receiving partial orders as suppliers try to spread the available inventory across multiple stores. Right now some of the greatest shortages are around canned tomato products, tomato paste, tomato sauce, and canned tomatoes.

Oh the days of grabbing them for a buck a pop are long gone...and so are the lunchables to be honest. Demand has skyrocketed with schools getting back in session, and word of many of the schools themself having a hard time of locating much of the food they normally would need to make lunches. Some stores are even creating their own lunchable type packages since not being able to secure the real deal.

Paper Products
I know, you're thinking wait, didn't we just go through this last year. Yes, we did, and although it's not quite at that level yet, many stores are starting to limit the purchase amount on toilet paper, paper towels and tissues. Although there is a decent supply at the moment, the lack of supply for some other items is causing people to start hoarding once again.
Boxed Meals
This household staple is proving to be elusive in many places, especially Mac n cheese, you can still find it but, you may have to look a little harder especially if you have a brand you really like. Many shelf stable meals are moving off store shelves faster than they can be replaced.

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