A temporary court order has been imposed for nurse Kaci Hickox in an attempt to enforce a quarantine after her return to Fort Kent from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.


The state of Maine filed the petition in Fort Kent District Court on Thursday afternoon asking the court to issue an order restricting Hickox's activities after efforts to negotiate with Hickox failed. A hearing on the petition must be held within three days but no later than 10 days after date the petition was filed.

Hickox contends there's no need for quarantine because she's showing no symptoms.

According to the document the court has issued a temporary order that Hickox must submit to active monitoring, coordinate her travel with public health authorities, not use commercial or public transportation, not go to any public places or workplaces, unless to receive necessary health care, maintain a 3-foot distance from other people and not leave Fort Kent without consulting public health authorities.

Maine's protocols for health care workers go beyond what's recommended by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC guidelines call for monitoring workers who've come into contact with Ebola patients; the state recommends a voluntary quarantine.

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