A 40-year-old special education teacher in Fort Kent has been given an award for helping a police officer handcuff a man carrying an ax in the downtown area on November 24.

Teacher Helps Officer Put Handcuffs on Man with an Ax

Derrick Cooper was able to help Officer Daniel Plourde handcuff 36-year-old Sylvio Plourde after the suspect was confrontational with police. Sylvio Plourde had to be wrestled to the ground after making threats, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Taser Did not Subdue Him

When Officer Plourde initially responded to the call, he tried to talk with the suspect. Sylvio Plourde became combative and the officer tried using his taser but it did not subdue him. Officer Plourde and Cooper were able to handcuff the man who is now at the Aroostook County Jail.

Cooper teaches at Fort Kent Community High School. Police Chief Michael DeLena thanked him with his family present, and gave him a community hero plaque for his help in the situation.

Suspect Faces Several Charges

Sylvio Plourde is facing multiple charges including criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, refusal to submit to arrest, criminal mischief and assault, violating conditions of release and disorderly conduct.

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