3 Cheers to the woman who served coffee and donuts all alone on a busy Monday morning!

Sippin' in the Star-City

Monday morning no matter where you are is a major drag. For me, Mondays require a strong coffee to get me on track after a weekend of letting my brain rest. As you can see in the picture below I wasn't the only one needing a caffeine boost. 

Popular PI Coffee stop during rush

Those in Presque Isle on Monday found the wait at one of the popular bean juice bars was a little longer than usual but the folks were very patient. Due  to unforeseen circumstances, this location started the Monday morning rush with ONE woman left to work. 

I happened to wander in and notice her diligently working away at each order as they flew in from online orders and from folks walking in. Normally people would be irritated, annoyed, and pushy. But we know that in Aroostook County we have understanding and caring hearts. We are empathetic when we want to be. I was very proud of the people of Presque Isle yesterday morning. 

As I said, the customers were all very understanding and supportive. One woman said “She is amazing. I just want to cry for her or get back there and help her!”  Another lady suggested that everyone tip her a little more than you normally would. Tip for tipping: leave cash with a note saying “this is a gift” It will help our above and beyond service lady when it comes time for taxes.  

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So to the super woman in the Star-City, on behalf of the customers at the popular coffee stop in Presque Isle on Monday, Thank you! Thank you to the kind woman who worked hard, with a smile, and super served all of Presque Isle yesterday morning. You should be an inspiration to anyone who watched you work. Pour your favorite brew and relax!  

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