UPDATED 11-11-22

Caribou Police posted on Facebook: "We now have identified a suspect and are in the process of locating him.


Abandoned Dog Found in Vacant Home in Caribou

The Caribou Police Department is looking for information about a dog abandoned in a closet of a home in Caribou that has not been occupied for some time.

Police Looking to Identify Dog and Owner

They are asking to help identify the dog and want to speak to the owner about the situation. Police said the dog “has not been properly cared for in quite some time.” The home has been vacant for awhile and has recently been purchased. CPD said “the dog was abandoned at the home while it was vacant, meaning after the previous owner left but before it was just purchased.”

Caribou Police on Facebook

Caribou Police said “We have turned off comments on this post. If you have information, please message us. We have a few leads to work on thanks to people reaching out and we appreciate it. In the meantime we are making sure the dog is being cared for. Thank you again.”

Contact Law Enforcement with any Information

If you have any information about the dog or the owner, the Caribou Police ask you to contact them. You are asked to stop by the station or call them at (207) 493-3301. You can send a private message on Facebook as well. The dog’s owner is also asked to come forward and speak to law enforcement about this investigation.

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