For those suffering from cancer, it can be an extraordinarily isolating experience.

Early autumn morning in the forest
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There is a place where survivors, their friends and families, or anyone suffering from grief, can come to reflect, meditate, and be at peace with nature. That place is called “Mizpah,” and this year the sanctuary is adding a series of presentations involving local medical professionals from area hospitals, including TAMC.

Mizpah, which is Hebrew for “to help another,” was created by Richard Corbin in 1991. In 1969, at age 22, Richard was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease and given less than a year to live. He received treatments that were relatively new at the time, and he fought long and hard. Along the way he made a promise to God that if he could be spared for a while longer he would build a place where people who are suffering may come and share their experiences, find peace, and enjoy the beauty of the world around them.

Richard was able to make that dream a reality with the creation of Mizpah, a fifteen acre property located in Grand Isle, Maine. It is open to the public at no charge from May through October and receives about 4,500 visitors every year. There are nature walks, flower gardens, a fishing pond, and many special areas.

Richard Corbin passed away in 2015 at the age of 71. Mizpah is now faithfully run by his two brothers Roger and Mike and has become a non-profit organization with a seven member board of directors. The mission remains: to have a place to gather, help, support, and to comfort each other.

On the first Friday of every month from June through October, a mass is held at 1 p.m. eastern. This year they have added a series of cancer-related presentations, which will be held in the yellow assembly building immediately after the mass so those who choose not to attend the mass may still experience the presentations.

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