We wanted to share some really awesome Maine lightning strikes. From the famous Grand Isle bolt to the Northern Maine Fair in Presque Isle. Buckle up. These are for real. [VIDEOS]

  • 1

    Saint Gerard Church

    Grand Isle, Maine

    This video went viral almost as fast as the lightning bolt. The Saint Gerard Church in Grand Isle.

  • 2

    Northern Maine Fair

    Presque Isle, Maine

    The Northern Maine Fair had threes strikes one after another last year. Check it out in slow-mo.

  • 3

    Mountain Strikes

    Maine Mountains

    This is not only a cool lightning video, but it gives you a good look at the Maine mountains.

  • 4

    Multiple Bolts

    Bangor, Maine

    There's play-by-play, captions and slow-motion in this video.

  • 5

    Close Call

    Oxford, Maine

    The final strike is so close you can feel it. Wait for it.

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