"If it's too cold for you, then it's too cold for them." This is something to think about when battling the cold weather in New England, especially when letting your pets outside.

USA Today had a story about a stray beagle who was found in Detroit named Olaf, who had frostbite on his hind legs and front paws due to the extreme cold weather.

According to the Detroit Pit Crew's Facebook page, their mission is to rescue dogs like Olaf and other animals who might be sick, injured or pregnant. They have raised thousands of dollars to help care for the dog.

Extreme weather can play havoc on your dogs, especially when you let them out to relieve themselves. Any animal left outside too long can garner cold weather injuries to themselves.

Here Are Some Ways To Protect Your Dog From Extreme Temperatures

  • Put A Coat On Them - Long haired dogs don't have the same problems as a beagle or chihuahua, therefore they need to be covered up with a sweater or other type of dog jacket. Some people even put doggie slippers on their feet as well.
  • Assist Them Outside - I don't know about you, but I worry about my dogs getting caught in the deep snow somewhere. When 2 of the 3 return to the door to be let in, I've often wondered if the other one is stuck somewhere. To avoid this, you can go outside with them as they do their business and encourage them to come inside when they're done. This helps you to better monitor their whereabouts.
  • Don' Leave Them In The Car - It doesn't take long for the inside of a warm car to go cold after shutting it off in extremely cold weather. If you're planning a trip to the grocery store or going to a friends house, leave the dogs at home. Dogs can get a cold weather injury being in a cold car for a short length of time.
  • Common Sense - When in doubt, always err on the side of safety. If you think a decision you're about to make or a trip you're planning can compromise your dog's safety, keep them home and hire a sitter or come up with a safer solution.

With these tips and this article bringing awareness to cold weather injuries in pets, hopefully, your pet will not become the next extreme cold weather victim.




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