In an era when album sales are declining and bowing down to online digital downloads I have some refreshing news that speaks to the iconic power of rock and roll and its ability to reach beyond the grave.  Maybe you’ve heard – but the latest, and arguably final, studio release from the late Jimi Hendrix debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Album chart. 

Some will say that it’s no big deal anymore, what matters are digital sales.  Today’s artists are being forced to subscribe to a new business model that includes everything from CD sales, digital downloads, soundtrack and television placement , social media and most of all touring.  For an artist that’s been gone as long as Hendrix to have sold 72,000 physical copies of an album, it not only speaks of the music, but also of his fan base.


There are many ways to look at this.  The people behind the release have done a fine job of marketing and building anticipation.  The baby boomer generation was feeling nostalgic.  They don’t make music like they used to.  I think there is probably truth in all of those statements.  God bless you Jimi Hendrix.

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