The Open Enrollment period for 2018 health coverage is about to begin. People who wish to shop for insurance in the Marketplace have some key dates to keep in mind: this year,

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Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2017.  You will need to act by December, 15 2017 if you are already enrolled and wish to change plans in order for your new coverage to start by January 1.  Your coverage in your 2017 health insurance plan will end on December 31, 2017, if you take no action.  On December 15, 2017, Open Enrollment ends and you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to apply for coverage.

"Health insurance plans in the Marketplace can be very affordable," explains Stanley Targonski, Health Care Navigator at Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP). A family of two can make $16240.00 and up to $64960.00 and still receive a Premium Tax Credit to help pay insurance premiums.

ACAP is part of the Community Action Navigator Consortium and is a partner in a statewide network of certified Health Insurance Marketplace Navigators. Navigators can provide free in-person assistance to help you apply for and enroll in coverage through the marketplace. We are not affiliated with any insurance company so we provide fair and unbiased advice. Navigators can help you access programs that could lower your monthly health premiums and out-of pocket costs and understand the options available to you. Your private information is protected and we will never share it with anybody.

If you don’t have qualifying health coverage in 2018, you will need to pay a fee. The fee for not having coverage in 2018 is $695 per adult up to $2085 or 2.5% of household income, whichever is higher.

If you have questions about the Health Insurance Marketplace, call Stanley Targonski at (207) 764-3721 or e-mail him at



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