During a tour of the Aroostook House of Comfort, representatives from the Maine Agri-Women made a donation to the foundation which is working to build a hospice house in The County.

The women toured the project currently under construction at the former MBNA building in Presque Isle on October 19th and say they were very impressed with the renovations and progress to date.

Maine Agri-Women: Sue Fulton, Deena Albert-Parks, Pam Townsend-President of Maine Agri-Women, Rick Duncan, Chairman of AHOC, Denise Kingsbury, and Sue McCrum.

“The group made a $1000 gift to The Aroostook Hospice Foundation because so many of their members have been touched by a loved one needing end-of-life care,” said Rick Duncan, Chair of the Foundation Board of Directors. “Their donation, along with so many others from our community, will make our dream of building the only hospice house north of Auburn a reality.”

The Maine Agri-Women chose a naming opportunity for their contribution: $500 naming a piece of artwork in the facility and $500 for an item in Logan’s Room, the children’s playroom.

Aroostook House of Comfort

The facility, located behind the Presque Isle Inn on south Main Street, will have the capacity to provide approximately 1,460 to 2,190 patient days of hospice care annually. At an average stay of 35 days, the facility would have the resources to accommodate 42 to 63 patients per year.