Being admitted to a hospital for any reason can be stressful. Whether it’s a planned procedure or an emergency situation, there will always be questions, worries, and fears.

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According to Sherry Beaulieu, manager of TAMC Volunteers & Guest Relations Services, “the hospital can be a scary place sometimes for those who aren’t feeling well and they depend on the caring TAMC staff to help them figure out what’s wrong and to do what we can to make them feel better.”

It was with that objective in mind that a local church reached out to TAMC.  Theresa Bonner, coordinator of St. Mary’s PreK-5 Faith Formation program at the Parish of the Precious Blood in Presque Isle, contacted Beaulieu with a “Get Well” cards project for the sick that students were hoping to be able to offer to the hospital for patients.

“I was very touched and knew that I could find the perfect way to make sure that these cards would reach our patients at TAMC,” said Beaulieu.


On behalf of the hospital, Beaulieu paid a visit to the church and spoke to the children in person. “Your gifts from the heart will touch each and every one of them [patients] and will let them know that you care too.  Each of these handmade get well cards will surely help make our patients feel better and truly cared about.”

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