There is seemingly an endless amount of forestland through the state of Maine. Most of that forestland is harmless, filled with walkable trails and exciting little finds that make exploring it an actual pastime for many. But there is one specific part of forestland that has gained worldwide attention over the years because of a series of strange happenings that are difficult to explain. It's the forest that surrounds the small town of Randolph, Maine, which is home to an incredible bike path and some very goosebump-inducing tales.

Jean-Luc Thériault (Maine Trail Finder)

According to MaineTrailFinder, the path is the Old Narrow Gauge Volunteer Trail, a bike path created over the route of a former railroad that often transported injured or sick veterans to Togus Hospital during the late 1800's and early 1900's. With the railroad out of use and the land being unused, a bike path seemed to be a great use of the space. Apparently, checking for ghosts beforehand never crossed anyone's mind.

Since it's construction, the path has yielded tales of ghostly encounters. According to the Bangor Daily News, some locals believe one of the many ghosts that haunt the trail is the spirit of someone known as "Bicycle Larry", who disappeared in 2004. Other stories shared include seeing unexplained flashes or orbs within the most heavily wooded area that surrounds the trails. Then there's the screams. Several witnesses claim they've heard screams but never spotted a soul.

Jean-Luc Thériault (Maine Trail Finder)

Perhaps the most eerie story is about a small patch of wooded area near a brook slightly off the bike path. Several people believe the area used to be home to ritualistic practices and now is constantly shrouded in darkness no matter how much light exists around it. If that doesn't sound like the premise of a Stephen King novel, you haven't been reading enough.

But don't let these urban legends keep you from a great day in the Maine outdoors. Even in the winter, the trail can be a peaceful day trip escape from hustle and bustle if you're brave enough.

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