Customers at Dollar Tree stores in Caribou and Presque Isle donated 12,000 items this holiday season for children of current military personnel and veterans.

During the month of November and the first week of December customers of those Dollar Tree stores were asked if they wished to purchase a toy for kids of current military personnel and veterans. Donated items were picked up by the Presque Isle Elks, Lodge #1954, and over that 5-week period, Dollar Tree customers donated over 12,000 items. Then, Presque Isle Elks members transported, stored, sorted and assembled those 12,000 items for selection by current military personnel or their significant others, as well as military veterans and their spouses.

Soldiers from the United States Army National Guard 185th Engineering Support Battalion and their significant others were able to select items for their children, grandchildren, and other family members. Captain Dustin Cook, commander of the 185th Battalion from Caribou, was amazed at the generosity of the Dollar Tree customers in Caribou and Presque Isle. "It means a lot to our families, especially at this time of year.”

Alan Harding, Exalted Ruler of the Presque Isle Elks, Lodge #1954, said the Presque Isle Elks were truly honored to have been able to play a role in Operation Homefront. "It was truly a heart-warming endeavor for the Presque Isle Elks of Lodge #1954 to have been involved.”

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