With warmer weather finally arriving this week and Memorial Day weekend fast approaching everyone is ready for another summer of fun in the sun. On Thursday and Friday we could see the thermometers hit 80 degrees for the first time this year.  

In Aroostook County we put in more than our fair share of time in the winter season and we deserve a summer full of comfortable temperatures to go outside and do whatever it is you please. The summer of 2020 in our area was dry and did not lack for heat. We saw a record-breaking year with 57 days where temperatures hit 80 or higher.  


The previous record of days in the 80's was 51 and now that is good enough for second place. In 2020, 29 of the 57 days 29 of them were 85 degrees or higher and 9 days saw us reach the 90 degrees mark. 

On June 19 of last year, we saw our hottest day at 96 degrees! That temperature was recorded before we had officially gone into the summer season. What will be this year's highest temperature recorded? Will we hit triple digits?  

All "hot” days are not created equal as we know that in the middle part of the summer a day spent in the lower 80's can come with stifling humidity. While getting a good stretch of 80 degrees days is nice, I prefer they don't come with all of the humidity and haze. I think that the perfect northern Maine summer day is about 80 degrees and low humidity. 

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With all of this said, it's now your turn. How many 80 degrees days will we record this year? I will set the number at 48 days this year. Your turn. 

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