Today is an awesome day for a few reasons. 1. We have some decent weather today and for the weekend. 2. It's Friday and Memorial Day weekend is here. 3. It's National Hamburger Day! 

What could be more American than a burger on Memorial Day weekend? There are many different ways to devour a good burger. Do you have a favorite spot to get a good hamburger or do you feel you have the best recipe?  



Personally, I prefer to grill my own burger over a hot bed of charcoal. However, sometimes the life of a husband and father doesn't allow for the time it takes to get the charcoal hot so I'll go right to the gas grill.  

It's all about the Patty! 


What type of hamburger patties do you ask for? Some people say the bigger and fatter the better. I like a burger that is thinner than most. You know the square patties from the fast-food chain with the red head? That's the perfect hamburger patty for me.  

Is your burger pink or is it a hockey puck? Or somewhere in between? 

How your burger is cooked can make or break the entire experience. I prefer my burger to be cooked medium-rare. If I get that light warm pink center then I am going to put that burger away faster than a rocket full of monkeys.  


Now there are several toppings for a burger. Are you the type of person who says "load that baby up!"? The combination of cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes are a common way of dressing up your burger. For me, it depends on the day if I want toppings or not. Over the last few months, I've found myself taking my burgers plain. No toppings. Who knows if I'll get crazy this weekend and add some cheese! I am not a ketchup person! No thank you. I do like a subtle layer of mustard on each bun and then a little more on the burger itself. Don't overdo it and make the burger a meat and mustard mashup.  

Steakhouse Serves Up $100 Hamburger
Getty Images Joe Raedle


There are tons of buns to choose from. There is the classic burger bun, sesame seed, ciabatta, kaiser roll, and potato rolls to name a few. Sometimes I ditch the roll all together and just eat the patty itself. I've been known to be seen shoving a burger down my gullet as I start up the lawn mower. When I do add buns to the burger, I like to grill mine up to make it a little bit crunchy. Yes, the flakes do make a bit of a mess but it's totally worth it.

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Your Turn

Let's hear from you. What does your perfect burger look like and how many burgers are you eating today? Add a comment and keep scrolling for a good drink to pair with that burger. Have a safe weekend! 

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