Okay so if you know anything about rock and roll for the past 25 years or so the name 'Mr. Big' is nothing new to you. This 'hidden gems' space is not only a place to point out bands that you may have never heard of, but also to spotlight a band that you may be asking 'where are they now?'


Mr. Big started when Billy Sheehan was exiting the David Lee Roth camp and wanted to form a band. He first got Eric Martin into the fold on vocals and quickly added Racer X guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert and drummer Pat Torpey. Their first album Addicted to That Rush was a bigger hit in Japan than stateside. The follow-up Lean Into It produced a couple of hits including 'To Be With You.'

Fast forward to last year when Sheehan collaborated with Ritchie Kotzen and former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy in the band The Winery Dogs. Now here's a very 'Mr. Big-sounding' band with a different singer. So who is the hidden gem here? Mr. Big or The Winery Dogs? Does it matter? It's all great rock and roll - and you're welcome.

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