It's a special story indeed, and one that lives on til this very day. Now when I say have you heard of the flying Santa? I bet you’re thinking well duh Santa flies with his sleigh. But I’m talking about THE flying Santa.

According to folklore, my wife, and Wikipedia, we have to go back to 1929 where a pilot named William Wincapaw was flying in the Penobscot Bay area. He was well know for being a very skilled pilot. He flew amphibious planes which were capable of landing on water or ground.

Captain Wincapaw was also very well liked in the community. He would transport sick or injured islanders when necessary even when the weather would have grounded other pilots. He is responsible for saving many lives.

Flying in inclement weather in those days meant he relied heavily on the many lighthouses dotting the coast. These beacons of light were his map when he could not navigate by sight. He struck up friendships with the lighthouse keepers and would often tie up his plane to visit with them.

Captain Wincapaw decided he wanted to do something special for the keepers and their families so on December 25, 1929 he loaded his plane with packages of newspapers, coffee, candy etc and flew over the lighthouses dropping off the packages as he did so. And this is how the Flying Santa tradition started.

Helicopters are now used to deliver packages. This prevents breakage of any presents! The Friends of Flying Santa are now devoted to ensuring the flights continue in gratitude of all the work our men, women, and families of the United States Coast Guard do to keep our waters safe. And to all a goodnight.


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