Nothing matters but the weekend has never had more meaning than it will this week. Girl Scout Cookie time, begins this Saturday.

This year’s new cookie in Maine is the Raspberry Rally. It has a chocolate coating and a crunchy raspberry center. Bring it on.

Courtesy Girl Scouts. org
Courtesy Girl Scouts. org
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The most popular Girl Scout cookie in Maine is Carmel DeLites.

Remember last year the new one was Adventurefuls. A brownie-inspired chocolate cookie topped with caramel flavored crème and a pinch of sea salt. Nice name, Adventurefuls, since Girl Scouts are well known for adventure all year long.

Look away, if seeing cookies will make the next few days  more difficult to endure.

Michelle Carr
Michelle Carr

A few years ago Michelle Carr, a Girl Scout Troop leader in the Pittsfield area, was deemed the Official Girl Scout dealer of the Q106.5 Morning Show.

Michelle is a lifer. Her daughters are now adult Girl Scouts, but Michelle still has 4 Girl Scout troops, and volunteers at Camp Natarswi,

Michelle reminds us:

This year, for the 2nd year girls can have cookie booths at their homes like a lemonade stand.


More and more Girl Scouts are shifting their focus to on line sales. The Girl Scout organization is focusing on having the girls hone their e commerce skills.

Years ago when preparing for an interview I read about so many successful American women who are successful in many fields, business, leadership and sports were Girl Scouts when they were younger. And that has stuck with me.

When you meet the sellers of Girl Scout cookies this year, you never know, you are more likely than not meeting a person who is going far in life.

Girl Scouts of Maine
Girl Scouts of Maine

To find Girl Scout cookies near you, go to Girl Scouts website and enter your zip code.

Note to self, Saturday January 28th, Girl Scout cookies go on sale

Let’s see if a Maine Girl Scout can beat this.

Last year, A 10 year old Maine Girl Scout broke the record for boxes of cookies sold. Serenity of East Machias sold 2,083 boxes. Do the Math. At $5 a box, that’s well over $10 grand. Here’s that story 

And to help the Girl Scout in your life, have them call the Q106.5 Morning Show at 991-9500 and give us their best sales pitch. We’re good for a half dozen boxes, maybe more if you can ‘sell us’.

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