This summer myself along with so many are staying in-state for their vacations. We are certainly lucky to have so many amazing places to visit in Maine if you enjoy outdoor adventures. One of the things that can ease the burden of leaning a new area or finding out where the best spots are for camping, hiking, kayaking, ATVing, canoeing, wildlife watching, or fishing, is a Registered Maine Guide.

Registered Maine Guides are regulated by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and have been bringing insight and adventure to outdoor enthusiasts for nearly 125 years! The DIFW has put together a great resource that answers many questions you may have about a Registered Maine Guide.

"Why should I hire a guide? 
When you hire a guide, you are hiring someone with a lifetime of experience! They show you step by step what to do, bring you places you most likely have never been, help ensure your safety, and most of all make the experience one you will remember forever. Although they can’t guarantee you will catch a fish, see a moose, or see the Little Dipper while roasting a s’more, your chances are much higher when you hire a guide. Guides also often provide all necessary equipment and ensure you are following the law.

What should someone ask before hiring a guide? 
Have a conversation before you hire a guide and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask them to tell you what the day or trip will entail, if food and transportation is included, if you or others are physically capable of the trip (they can often make adjustments), the cost, if licenses are required, and what the weather may be like.

What part of the states are guides in? 
No need to travel far, Registered Maine Guides span our entire state and offer a variety of guided opportunities

What activities do Registered Maine Guides offer?
When people think of a Registered Maine Guide they often think of hunting and fishing, but guides offer so much more! Go camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, ATVing, wildlife watching, whitewater rafting, and more.

Where can I learn more about guides or find a guide to hire? 
For fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, paddling, and wildlife trips, check out the Maine Professional Guides Association or Maine Guides Online.

To find a charter boat for a coastal or river cruise, fishing trip, marine adventure, and more, check  The Maine Association of Charterboat Captains or Maine’s Saltwater For-Hire Fleet Listing."

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