Enjoy a simple laugh on this Monday 

Over the last couple of years, we have posted numerous times about the sign wars that go on from time to time among businesses in the area. To no surprise, much of the posting was about the employers seeking help to keep their doors open. Once in a while the businesses have taken a break from seeking job hunters, because let's face it, if you want to work right now, you'd be working.

You can't make this up

Every once in a while, timing will work out and someone will have the eye to spot a genius moment of marketing. I have to say that the folks at Star-City Wellness won the day on Monday. The constant change of gas prices led us to this moment in history.  

Via Star City Wellness Facebook page
Via Star City Wellness Facebook page

To whomever at Star-City Wellness that spotted this opportunity, congratulations. You have an eye for things and I commend you and say "well played.” Chances are by the end of today the price of gas will have changed and this opportunity for a free promo for Star-City Wellness will have passed, but for now let us enjoy. It's Monday and summer is quickly giving way to fall, so let's slow down and smile in the moment today.  

For those of you that may not understand the humor in the sign, Star-City Wellness is a medical marijuana storefront on main street in Presque Isle.  You can follow their Facebook page here, or you can check out their website here. Props to the individual that was able to grab the picture of the sign from the perfect angle, I know that is not an easy task.

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