Sunday morning, firefighters in Ashland rescued a deer who repeatedly fell through the ice.

While Northern New England dug out from the latest round of snow, firefighters in Ashland, MA were on the scene of a deer who was fighting for its life in the coldest water of the season. According to NECN, authorities received a call about the distressed deer early Sunday. While crews rushed out to assist, they also brought along an ice rescue sled in the recovery.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a quick rescue and release. According to NECN, the deer needed many attempts to get out, falling repeatedly back through the ice. In the end, the deer was able to get out of the ice. After some assistance standing up, it ran free.

Despite the relative cold snap and fresh snow, remember that all ice is not safe. If there's anyone/anything that remember 65 degree days in January, it's a lake or pond. Use caution.


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