After consideration of the Distribution Rate Case, brought before the Maine Public Utilities Commission in March, the Commission has approved a distribution rate adjustment for Emera Maine customers.

Following the Commission’s Order, customers will see an increase of about $1.10 per month in the Bangor Hydro District and $1.07 per month in the Maine Public District, for a typical residential customer using 500 kilowatt hours.

“The company appreciates the hard work of all the parties involved in our case and thanks the Commission for their work in coming to their decisions,” said Alan Richardson, President & COO of Emera Maine, in reaction to the decision. “We take very seriously the service quality concerns that were raised. We are absolutely committed to addressing them, improving our service to our customers, and have already begun to do so.”

Distribution is the part of the electrical system that carries electricity on poles and wires from the higher voltage Transmission system to homes and businesses. The adjustment to Distribution Rates will help to cover investments Emera Maine has made in maintenance and reliability in order to provide a safe and reliable system for our customers.

Increases in distribution rates have lagged inflation for the past ten years. Even with this increase , the cost of Emera Maine’s distribution service will be lower than it was in 2007.

Investments Emera Maine has made include improving infrastructure that supports a growing community and economy in Bar Harbor, operational efficiencies through facility improvements, and replacing an end-of-life system that houses critical customer information.

New rates will be posted at once adjusted.

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