Winter is in full swing and that means people are heating their homes, baking, and putting up the Christmas Tree. We want to ensure that everyone gets through winter safely.

This week, Community Spotlight spoke with Presque Isle Fire Department's Deputy Chief Adam Rider, to remind us about some of the hazards that we should be aware of in and around our home in the winter time.

One of the first things Deputy Chief Rider talked about was heating systems. No matter what type of heating system you have, they all need to be serviced.

  • Check Your Chimney - If you're burning wood, then you need to check your chimney or wood stove and clean it regularly.
  • Wood Stoves - Rider suggests that you should burn seasoned wood in your wood stove. It's best to use seasoned wood in order to get the best efficiency out of your stove.

"These heating elements can and do produce carbon monoxide". Rider explains:

"Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. Undetected, it kills. We see death from carbon monoxide every year. Anything that produces a flame is going to produce carbon monoxide"

Rider reminds the public that manufacturers make carbon monoxide detectors and he suggests that these be installed in the home and as close as possible to your sleeping quarters.

 Safety Tips While In The Kitchen

  • Keep loose clothing away from open flames, especially with gas
  • Keep your pot handles turned in, especially if you have small children

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

  • Try to have plenty of space around your tree, especially with a live tree
  • Keep your tree watered
  • Buy a fresh tree - ensure that the needles aren't already falling off
  • Cut two inches off of the bottom before you put it in the stand

When answering 911 calls, Deputy Chief Rider says it's easier for them to find you if you have your house address properly displayed and visible for them to see from the road.

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