Maine Potato Blossom Festival

The 75th annual Maine Potato Blossom Festival invites everyone to come to Fort Fairfield to enjoy one of the featured events in Aroostook County, Maine.

Nine Days to Celebrate

Every year in mid-July the Festival celebrates the full blossom of the Maine potato. This year has nine days of fun and activities for the whole community, starting on July 9 through July 17., 2022.

Festival Headquarters

You should also stop by and visit the Festival Headquarters on Main Street. They are very helpful with information and also have souvenirs to buy like hats and t-shirts and mugs. Grab one of the free commemorative bags there too.

List of Events and Activities

We have a list of some of the events featured on the Maine Potato Blossom Festival Facebook page. There are so many additional things to do. Here’s the full schedule.

Enjoy the 2022 Maine Potato Blossom Festival. There is so much more on their Facebook page with updated info.

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