If you were a kid in the 80s. 90s, or early 00s, certain commercials will be stuck with you forever.  Some of the biggest commercial jingle earworms come from amusement park jingles.

Each year, from mid-April through early September, we would all be bombarded by commercials for Funtown / Splashtown, Palace Playland, Story Land, Santa's Village, and others.  And, of course, our parents would dread the begging we would do when we heard the commercials.  Eventually, though, they would inevitably give in and take the family to one of these parks at least once.

How many of these commercials do you remember?


Located on Route 1 in Saco, Funtown / Splashtown is one of the most well known amusement parks in New England.  According to the commercials, it was where the Great American Family Comes To Play - or something like that!


The park, which is still welcoming families from all over Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and beyond, has iconic rides like the Dragon's Descent and Astrodome.

York's Wild Kingdom

One of the unique things about this York Beach amusement park is the fact that it is a combination amusement park / zoo.


It is pretty sizable, too.  There are about 75 animal exhibits and 18 rides.

Story Land

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Story Land has been welcoming families since he 1950s.  Over the years, the park has expanded exponentially.  Each year, they add new rides and attractions


One of the latest, is the big kid (teen) oriented Roar-o-Saurus

Santa's Village

You can find this North Pole theme amusement park in Jefferson, New Hampshire.  Very similar to Story Land, it features rides, shows, and the big man himself!  More recently, they added a water park.

Canobie Lake Park

One of the better known, and bigger, parks in New England, it is located in Salem, New Hampshire.  And, based on marketing, it sounds like it is a short drive from the Boston metro area.

This commercial, from 1998, is all about The Boston Tea Party log flume ride.

What is your favorite New England amusement park?  Let us know by sending us a message through our radio station app.

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