The Old Bonanza Location in Presque Isle

It’s been quite some time since we had a restaurant in the old Bonanza location on Maine Street in Presque Isle, Maine. It would be nice to see something new go in there.

Memories of Bonanza

We sure are ready for something to fill the space. It would be awesome if Bonanza came back. There is so much history and tradition with the restaurant in Star City. You probably have your own memories over the years of going there with family and friends.

So what’s next? We have no idea who is looking at the building and are not suggesting anyone is going to open there. We just want to ask the question.

Here’s The Poll Question

The question is - What Do We Want in the Old Bonanza Location in Presque Isle, Maine?


Take our poll and tell us what is the best choice. You can choose from the list of franchises in the poll, or write in your own idea.

New Business Advantages

It could be a chain restaurant or a local place. There are a lot of advantages of a new eatery opening - more options of places to eat, people visiting from out of town to dine there, jobs for people in the community.

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Support Local Businesses

We support local businesses big time. It would be phenomenal to see a one-of-a-kind restaurant grow at the old Bonanza location. Maybe the poll will give some investors some ideas.

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