A generous donation was made to the Pines Health Services Women's & Children's team from a surprising source.

Recently, 8-year old Isabella Albert of Caribou celebrated her birthday by asking her friends and family to consider bringing her a pack of diapers so she could then donate them to Pines Health Services.

Pines Health Services
Pines Health Services

Bella's goal was to donate 1,000 diapers. She found herself short of her goal, so she used money she had received for her birthday to go out and buy additional diapers to meet her goal.

While purchasing the last of the needed diapers, Bella even received a $5 donation from a kind stranger who was touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity. In total, Bella donated 1,084 diapers to the Pines team.

The Pines Health Services Women's & Children's team called Bella's generous donation "amazing" and thanked her for spreading her kindness.

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