MMG Insurance makes $25,000 donation to hospital’s cardiac telemonitoring campaign

MMG Insurance President/COO Matt McHatten presents Greg LaFrancois President of Northern Light AR Gould Hospital with a $25k donation

MMG Insurance made the largest donation to date towards Northern Light Health AR Gould Hospital’s campaign to raise funds for new cardiac telemonitoring technology. The $25,000 is a significant step towards the overall goal of $240,000 for the new technology at the hospital in Presque Isle.

MMG Insurance Executive Vice President and COO Matt McHatten said “We are pleased to support Northern Light AR Gould’s telemonitoring technology campaign. The upgrades and expansion of this resource will allow AR Gould to provide essential lifesaving technology and peace of mind for residents of Aroostook County well into the future”

This new technology is a much-needed upgrade for the hospital. Seleipiri Akobo, MD, at the hospital says “Telemonitoring allows access to data in real time, which in and of itself provides much needed information to respond to the dynamic nature of our patients’ care”

The cardiac telemonitoring technology will help the team at the hospital become more efficient in helping their patients. A donation of this size does not go unappreciated as President of Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, Greg LaFrancois stated “We are pleased to support Northern Light AR Gould’s telemonitoring technology campaign.” He went on to say This is not just an investment in the hospital, but yet another show of commitment on behalf of MMG to the health and wellbeing of our community,”

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For more information on the cardiac telemonitoring campaign, please visit Cardiac Technology and check out MMG Insurance

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