Community bank Katahdin Trust Company recently donated $1000 to The Center for the Advancement of Rural Living (CARL) for the CPAC Revitalization Project.

As Katahdin Trust’s Senior Vice President, Marketing, Krista Putnam noted, the Caribou Performing Arts Center has played a vital role culturally and economically in Aroostook County for 31 years and the Bank is pleased to partner with the CARL to reinvigorate the arts center as a destination location.

Lisa Prescott, President of the CARL Board of Directors, says her group is grateful for Katahdin's donation.  “They have demonstrated a commitment to the performing arts and their donation will help to support dynamic entertainment right here in the County throughout 2020 and beyond.”

The Center for the Advancement of Rural Living, along with its partners, has been successful in bringing quality family entertainment to the area. Funds raised by events throughout the year will be used to upgrade lighting and sound equipment at CPAC, helping to ensure that arts and entertainment continue to be an integral part of the County culture.

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