It has been just about a week since we brought you the story on the pothole that is starting to gain attention across The County. After posting my initial gripes, many of you responded in agreement. I have been keeping an eye on this monstrosity over the last week and it has grown in depth and circumference. 


I'm thirsty! Fill me up!

Take a look at my favorite Yeti mug sitting in this pothole. If a good soaking rain should happen to fall in the next few days, I can just fill up my mug right here in this pothole. There should be plenty of water in there to fill my mug and have some leftover. 


Would you like a little more perspective? Okay, I took the Townsquare Media Presque Isle vehicle over to Walmart and got to park it in the middle of the pothole. A special thank you to the kind folks who waited behind me while I grabbed a few quick pictures. I think most people have gotten used to this pothole because I saw several people avoid this lane on purpose.


No cream, no sugar, and keep it in the cup

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The supercenter is not the only major chain on this block suffering from a developing pothole problem. Do you know that coffee shop from the north that has a location here? Well take a look at the pothole as you pull out of the drive through.



This pothole sits about 15 feet away from the crater at Walmart. If not for the supercenter size pothole this coffee shop hole would be the focus of commuter's aggressions. Make sure you tuck that fresh hot coffee in your cupholder next time before you leave the coffee shop and run next door to grab an item or two. You may end up with a burnt lap and your favorite pair of shorts ruined.  

When we reconvene on this story a week from now will the situation have gotten better or worse? Let's hear it!

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