The Maine Medical Examiner ruled the death of two people Wednesday in Hiram a murder-suicide.

Police: Murder-Suicide after Two Bodies Found Dead

The Maine State Police said 43-year-old Stephanie Ranieri of Hiram and 48-year-old Chad Adams of Hiram were found dead around 4 pm outside of a home on Clemons Cove.

Two People are in a Previous Relationship

Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety said “Ranieri and Adams were previously in a relationship. The Medical Examiner has ruled the death of Stephanie Ranieri as a homicide and the death of Chad Adams as a suicide.”

Autopsies Determined the Cause of Death

Major Crimes Unit South Detectives and Troopers investigated the scene throughout the Wednesday evening. The bodies of Ranieri and Adams were transported to the Chief Medical Examiner in Augusta. Autopsies done on Thursday determined the cause and manner of deaths as a murder-suicide.

Ongoing Investigation and App Alerts

Moss said there is no threat to the public as the investigation remains open. Updates will be posted to social media when additional information is released and made available. Download the station’s app for free to get breaking news alerts.

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