A 28-year-old man was shot and killed Wednesday by police after he exited a van wearing a ballistic vest and carrying a rifle.

Maine Carrying Rifle Died in Officer Involved Shooting

The Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit had an arrest warrant for Shay McKenna for a violation of bail conditions after he was seen “carrying a firearm which he was prohibited from possessing.”

Did Not Show Up for Arraignment

McKenna did not show up for an arraignment on Monday. He was charged with manslaughter after he was arrested in Rumford for shooting his brother in December 2022. Drew McKenna died in the hospital the following day.

Maine State Police Tactical Team Activated

Detectives located McKenna in Rangeley Plantation and obtained a search warrant. The Maine State Police Tactical Team was activated to assist in the arrest.

Wearing a Ballistic Vest and Carrying a Rifle

Police made contact with McKenna and advised him he was under arrest. Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety said McKenna “exited the van that he was hiding inside of with a ballistic vest and a rifle resulting in Maine State Trooper Jeffrey Parks confronting and shooting Shay McKenna.” McKenna died at the scene.

Trooper on Administrative Leave

“Trooper Jeffrey Parks will be on administrative leave, which is standard practice in officer involved shootings,” said Moss.

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