A 52-year-old man was arrested for aggravated drug trafficking and a firearms violation following a months-long investigation by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

MDEA: Undercover Purchases

The MDEA Cumberland District Task Force made undercover purchases of “high quality” meth from Michael McNamara. “The undercover purchases occurred at Spring Point Tavern in South Portland, during business hours, while McNamara was working as a General Manager,” said the MDEA.

Arrested on Outstanding Warrant

Michael McNamara from South Portland was taken into custody Monday evening after a traffic stop on Cottage Road in South Portland. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant for drug trafficking. McNamara was “in possession of methamphetamine and cocaine” at the time of the arrest.


Multiple Drugs and Handgun Seized

A search warrant was then executed at McNamara’s Preble Street apartment. Agents seized over 1.5 pounds (680 grams) of crystal methamphetamine, ½ pound of cocaine (226.5 grams), 1 ounce of crack cocaine (28.35 grams), and a 9mm handgun. Several other types of unidentified pills and drug packaging and distribution items were also seized. The approximate street value of the seized drugs is $80,000, said the MDEA.

$100,000 Bail

McNamara was taken to the Cumberland County Jail with bail set at $1000,000 cash. The South Portland Police Department assisted in the investigation.

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