An extra special occasion 

The eldest resident in the small town of Wallagrass is about to hit a major milestone and the town is looking to shower her with congratulations.

Let's make this day amazing 

Mrs. Laura Saucier will be turning 100 years young on October 5. The town is excited to see Mrs. Saucier reach the milestone and is looking forward to making this celebration extra special. In a Facebook post, the town is looking to have 100 birthday cards sent to Mrs. Saucier. I think that we can make that number go much higher than just 100 cards for her.  

As the post says, can you imagine the stories and changes in the world that Mrs. Saucier has experienced? She must have an endless number of observations and wisdom after living through the great times and the hard times since her birth in 1922.

Let's see how many cards we can get to Mrs. Saucier

I think we can get her 1,000 cards for her birthday next week. You can send one, have the kids at home make a card, or get together with a few people and chip in on a card. Take the time to wish Mrs. Saucier a happy birthday and let her know how awesome our area is. You can send your cards to Mrs. Laura Saucier, 2173 Aroostook Rd, Wallagrass, ME 04781.

Here is a public card for you Mrs. Saucier 

From all of us here at Townsquare Presque Isle, we would like to wish Mrs. Saucier a very happy 100th birthday. While everyone is here check out these interesting facts.

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