You never know what you will see on the roads these days when you travel any distance outside of your own town. We are approaching the time of year when drivers need to be cognizant of farm equipment moving throughout harvest. This week in my travels I witnessed a series of events that could have ended badly for many people. Fortunately, we survived our exposure to the idiots of the week.

It's been famously said that you can't fix stupid

I was co-pilot on this adventure and we stopped at a gas station to grab a snack for the remainder of the ride home. We were going north on Route 1 and we were just south of Houlton. At the gas station, a gentleman who appeared inebriated waddled out to his truck and began to pull onto the road. The pilot then told me we were going to stay behind this guy for a while, it did seem like the safe option. Before anyone gets to chirping, I took the pictures as the passenger. 


As we got down the road a few miles, I noticed that our speed was varying between 40-55 mph. Vehicles behind us became frustrated by the inconsistency in speed. Glancing at the mirror I see a car from 2 vehicles back pull out to pass. Being a good co-pilot, I said, "Look out! Here comes some moron trying to pass us all."  With traffic coming at him, he quickly pulls right in front of us. At the same time we both notice this guy has a large branch or small tree sticking way out of the trunk of his car.

"You know he's going for it!"

This guy barely let the oncoming truck pass before making his second attempt. He has zero patience.


He eventually got by the possibly inebriated driver and was out of sight in a matter of seconds. The pickup truck would eventually turn off the road about 10 miles after this moment. Please be safe out there on the roads.

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