Order up!

The snow is melting away and more signs of the arrival of spring are popping up each day as we put winter in our rear-view mirror. It's time to swap out the winter boots for sandals, and to trade a hot chocolate for a chocolate scoop! Houlton Farms Dairy will be opening their Presque Isle dairy bar location this week!

Who will be the first in line? 

On Thursday April 14, the Houlton Farms Dairy bar in Presque Isle will open for the first time this season from 12:00-8:00 p.m. The temporary hours of operation for the Presque Isle HFD location will be Thursdays through Sunday's from 12:00-8:00. HFD is still looking for help for this summer at any of their locations, you are encouraged to call the number on their Facebook page if you are interested.

The Presque Isle Houlton Farms Dairy Bar will open Thursday April 14, 2022
The Presque Isle Houlton Farms Dairy Bar will open Thursday April 14, 2022

What will you be ordering from HFD?

The HFD menu is always full of delicious summer treats; it's difficult to pick one, and nearly impossible to try them all in one summer. Could that be a challenge? Maybe? For me, the go-to HFD treat has always been the lemon freeze. It is the perfect frozen treat for any type of summer day we have in northern Maine. When that inner-child comes out in me, I'll also go for a dish of dirt. It's a real menu item and you won't regret ordering it up. The dish of dirt is a perfect treat for anyone who enjoys chocolate. Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic HFD milkshake, the only question is thick or regular?

There are a lot of options at HFD to choose from
There are a lot of options at HFD to choose from

Easy, big fella! 

The first few times you go to HFD, remember to be patient. Oftentimes there are a few kinks to work out and many employees are learning the job on the fly. You've waited all winter for this so what's another 10 minutes standing in line while getting fresh air? Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Houlton Farms Dairy bar treat has been and what would you like to try but haven't before?

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