We would like to wish anyone reading this who had a birthday this week a very happy birthday! You are lucky enough to share a birthday week with many celebrities, athletes, and influencers. Some you may recognize were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maya Rudolph, and Mick Jagger. They were not the only one's blowing out the candles this week. At the end you can keep scrolling to find out what celebrities share a birthday with you! 

Among some of your favorites getting gifts this week were: 

Sandra Bullock turned 57 

Lori Loughlin celebrated her 57th birthday outside of prison and we assume she may have gone rowing with her daughter?  

Newly single (kind of) Alex Rodriguez started his 46th season on this earth.  

Lisa Kudrow –57 

Thundercat McNamara turned 23, according to her husband. Nice guy!  

Martina McBride is now 58 years young. 

Dak Prescott began training camp with the Cowboys celebrating his 28th birthday.  

Happy Birthday, to anyone else I may have forgotten.  

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