As we near the two month mark of the United States dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, some people are still having issues finding enough toilet paper.


Initially, we were told that the lack of TP was caused by panic buying and hording but, how much toilet paper could the average person possibly need to horde?  How big of a stockpile of TP do you really need?

In reality, the reason has more to do with the big changes we've recently made to the way we live our lives.  Many of us are spending a lot MORE time at home and a lot LESS time at work.  As a result, we're doing our business at home a lot more than we were just six weeks ago.

According to VOX, the average household under a stay-at-home order is using 40% more toilet paper than normal.

Since we're doing our business at home more than we used to, we end up using more toilet paper at home.

On top of that, a significant portion of toilet paper is made for large businesses.  Ya' know, those MASSIVE rolls you find in the bathrooms at stores, restaurants, bigger offices, etc.

The good news is that, as paper products companies are adjusted the type they produce, regular TP is becoming more available.

And, you can also order the industrial (business) sized rolls.

Of course, you're going to want to get a dispenser for it

Be safe!

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