Last winter, Westbrook saw a weeks long spike in tourism because a giant ice disk developed on the river that passes through the city. The ice disk garnered national attention, with some amazed by its perfection and others believing it could be a portal into another dimension. But before we all got too carried away, scientists reminded us that while ice disks are rare, they are a recurring natural phenomenon. And it didn't take long for the cold weather to deliver another ice disk, this time in a small town in northern Maine.

Shared on social media by WABI, one of their viewers named Chris Gooley spotted an ice disk in Haynesville, a small town in Aroostook County. This particular ice disk isn't nearly as large as the one that formed in Westbrook, but it is substantial. And considering that it's only mid-November, it's a little early for ice disk season. And yes, we're declaring that there's no an ice disk season in Maine.

So if you're looking to get out of the house this weekend, there's always a road trip up north to see the brand spanking new ice disk. Something tells us we're going to see a lot of them this winter.

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